Our Services

FLYING FUR brings the complete grooming service of a fine, state-of-the-art salon-in-a-van to the privacy and convenience of your home or office where your pet will recieve the professional, personalized and uninterrupted attention of an experienced team, headed by a pet care specialist Virgil Carrillo with 32 years pet care experience and a veterinary professional.

Warm and snug in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer, this totally self contained salon on wheels assures that there will be no power cords running from your outlets and increasing your electric bills. Also, no unsightly, dirty water will be drained out from the vehicle during the bathing process. We may, on a rare occasion, ask for the use of an outdoor hose to refill our bathing water tank.

An initial in-depth phone interview will confirm if our services are right for you and your pet. Our fee will be discussed and an appropriate appointment will be determined for a day and time convenient to you when we will be in your general area. Appointments will be reconfirmed the day prior.

Grooming services include a warm water massage bath with a shampoo and conditioner regime customized to your pet.

Nails are trimmed, anal glands are relieved and ears are cleaned. Pets are then dried completely by hand. Short haired pets are brushed to help minimize excessive shedding while coated pets are combed and styled to your specifications.

The smoke-free surroundings are further relaxed with the scent of aromatherapy oils and soothing music. These extra steps assure your pet’s comfort in a stress-free environment and help put FLYING FUR a bark above the rest !


1. Luxury bath

2. Skin-type special shampoo and conditioner

3. Warm air fluff, hand-dry

4. Gentle brushing

5. Standard breed haircut

6. Sanitary haircut

7. Nails clipped and filed

8. Ears cleaned and deodorized

9. Teeth brushing and breath spray

10. Bandana or bow and cologne

11. Free pet healthcare consultation


1. Medicated Shampoos

2. Oatmeal bath for sensitive skin

3. Anal glands expression

4. One-hour hair brushing


1. Hot and cold water on demand

2. Hydraulic grooming table, adjustable for small and large breeds of dogs and cats

3. Full sized bathing tub with shampoo system and hydro-jet massage rinse

4. Roof top air-conditioning

5. LP heater furnace

6. Central vacuum system

7. Rear stereo system for your pet’s listening pleasure

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