*FLYING FUR* Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming Service






Hello, my name is Virgil Carrillo, owner of Flying Fur, the company I started in 2003 and I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who is also a certified groomer. I have been in the Pet Care Industry and experienced in taking care of dogs and cats for the last 32 years. My grooming associates, Salvador, Cecilia, Lourdes and Alejandra are certified pet care technician as well and one who is a veterinarian in school training . Together, working as a team in our company's two state-of-the-art mobile grooming vans, we are committed to total pet care and service. Our mission is to provide quality and convenient grooming while always having your pets's best interest at heart.

Our idea for a mobile grooming facility was derived through a desire to offer services to people, just like us, who value their pets as members of the family.


FLYING FUR offers the following accomodations and benefits for you and  your pet:

Service comes to you - home or office - saves you time

Less stress for both you and your pet

Personal, one on one professional pet care

Perfect for senior pets or pets with disability problems

Sanitary, safe and healthy environment

Evening and weekend appointments available  on emergencies

No tranquilizers or drugs used, EVER

No exposure to other pets and diseases

No car sick rides

No caging of pets for hours, possibly without a potty break

Pets are hand dried and not caged dried

Done within an hour and no need to leave your pet and come back several hours to pick him up












In an attempt to help busy pet owners keep their pets looking and feeling great, we offer a pet grooming service that comes to your doorstep.

Many grooming salons keep your pet in a cage until he is ready to be groomed and then put  back in to be caged dried. We allow a safe and clean environment to keep your pet looking its best. Many families just don't have enough time making two trips to the groomer, which can be eliminated with one simple visit from us.

Our service allows your pets to be pampered without the nervous emotions that come with being around several other pets in an unfamiliar environment. Your pet feels great and secured because he is not away from home, he is only at home, or a few steps from home.




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